How you can use your imagination to really get want you want!

“Imagination: open your mind and let go,the only limits are the ones you impose on yourself”
“Imagination: open your mind and let go,the only limits are the ones you impose on yourself”

“Deeper and more in-depth‚ absolute endless supply to openness‚ connectivity with the ‘other side” and tune into the super intelligence that surrounds us all”


To use our imagination to the fullest‚ we are able to tap into or tune into the abundance of ideas that’s readily available from the super-ether and the super-higher intelligence that surrounds us all. This intrinsic problem solver is at our disposal can be used for our own benefit and for the benefit and good for others. It’s in each and every one of us right now and we can all learn to consciously use it! We just need to open up our senses.


“Imagination: open your mind and let go,the only limits are the ones you impose on yourself”
“Imagination: open your mind and let go,the only limits are the ones you impose on yourself”


I want to point out that we have an imagination that we use all the time for our everyday needs and tasks. Before you go and put the kettle on‚ you will think in your mind about it in pictures‚ or in a series of moving pictures‚ like a video player. In other words‚ you see yourself filling the kettle with water and switching it on. All this happens in a split second‚ before the action takes place. This is what we do with most of our daily thoughts and actions as we go about our work‚ social activities and hobbies; we actually visualise and imagine the task being done before we do it.


“Imagination is like thinking in a series of pictures‚ the more we focus and practice the better we get. The more pictures we can see‚ the more it will turn into a movie‚ then we feel it‚ smell it‚ taste it and touch it”

Your imagination helps you to remember things that have happened in the past‚ allowing you to recall details and events when needed. You play the events in your mind‚ and again‚ it is in the form pictures or just like the video playing‚ until you come across the fact or detail you need to recollect. I have said before that the mind does not distinguish between what the imagination has remembered through our playback facility and whether we are making it up.


Try this out for yourself right now. Play something back in your mind that has happened‚ say yesterday‚ you were eating dinner with a friend or your family. You can quite easily recall most of the details of what happened and there’s no need to question it. Now‚ take yourself to a large‚ expensive restaurant with the same friend or family members and have your favourite pop or rock star‚ come and take your food order; close your eyes and see it happen in your mind. Do you see your idol come over to the table and take you order? Does it make you feel happy? Do you feel excited about it? Well‚ you have just experienced the power of your imagination and visualisation. So‚ how does this help us achieve and attract our goals?


If you imagine acquiring your goal‚ dream or possession‚ and feel strongly and can already sense it‚ feel very confident about it‚ your mind will get to work on that very idea. Even if you are not totally sure how this desire will manifest‚ it doesn’t matter just yet. It is the why that counts‚ not the how! When the confidence is feeling very strong and you feel it happening‚ you just know it’s just a matter of time‚ which you can be assured within yourself that it WILL happen.


If you asked any number of people would they like to be a millionaire‚ just about every single persons’ answer would be yes. It is suggested‚ then that you should act like a millionaire right now. Pretend and imagine you have a million pounds in the bank right now! Go on give it a go. How would you feel‚ knowing it is in there waiting for you at this very moment? Let your imagination go crazy!


“Feel it‚ see it‚ smell it‚ hear it‚ taste it and above all‚ believe it”


It feels good‚ don’t you think? What will you do with a million in the bank right now? Go to the car showroom and pick out your car that you have been salivating over for the last six months? Go to the shopping centre and shop till you drop? Think about what clothes you will try on‚ what shoes to go with the outfit‚ smell the coffee at the local café and sit down with all your shopping bags! Feel it‚ see it‚ hear it‚ smell it‚ and believe it! Now‚ you on your way back to the car park and you have that butterfly feeling in your gut because you are staring at your new 4×4 motorcar that you love and almost forgot for an instance that you owned. How good do you feel right now? Let me tell you‚ by doing this and adding the emotions‚ as suggested‚ you are tuning in. You are vibrating at a higher level and your mind and thought patterns are transmitting to the universe what your desires and intentions are.  Can you see what fun you can have by planning out your future.


Keep doing this and practice using your imagination. If you find it a bit difficult at first‚ then keep trying‚ as practice makes perfect. It’s like anything new‚ it may feel alien for a while. Sometimes it’s like something we haven’t tried for some time‚ we become rusty. It’s normal‚ so brush off the dust and the cobwebs and make time to dream your dream.

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