Taking a risk: Positive Mental Attitude

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“A risk is having the confidence in the actions you take when no one else joins you”

You will find people who consider themselves as lucky have a very positive attitude. When they are down or on a losing streak‚ they manage to take it on the chin‚ acknowledge the circumstances and pull themselves together. This positive mental attitude helps them to see a better outcome‚ thus lifting their spirits. They realise that we all have highs and lows and have to take the rough with the smooth‚ the black with the white and the ups and the downs.

Image of taking a solo risk

The unlucky thinking people will think the opposite. Negative thoughts about their situation will reinforce the fact they already know they are unlucky. When they do happen to have some good luck‚ they think this is the exception and not the rule‚ so revert to their negative output. Think like you have won already. Act like you have the life you seek and it will become self-perpetuating. Be around people who are successful‚ learn from them and learn from their mistakes. Be wiser and work smarter.

If you have been in a situation and it hasn’t gone your way‚ ask yourself did you put yourself in that position? Could you have done something about it? Could you have done something differently? Well‚ I think that if you are honest with yourself‚ you may find that you could have had a better influence on the outcome. There is more reading on how responsibility is one of the first steps on the road to winning in the preceding chapters.

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